Eladrin Bard


Former Character (Hugo)


Aerin is an Eladrin, hailing from the Eladrin homeland in the Feywild. He is the only son of an important ruler there, and this position brings with it many responsibilities. In spite of his father’s threats of disowning him as a son, Aerin walked out on those responsibilites, preferring the life of a wandering minstrel and adventurer over the dull and tedious life at home.

He travelled with the party (then consisting of Drak’thor, Azshara, Emily, Big, and Cyrian and later Raz’Evar) for a while, helping with the destruction of a group of marauding trolls and saving the village of [dragonborntown] from a dreadful curse, among other deeds.

Several months after setting out from his home, however, 2 of his father’s servants tracked Aerin down and urged him to return to his home, as his father had fallen deathly ill. Reluctantly Aerin agreed to return to the Eladrin homeland, to either find a cure for his father or at least hear his last wishes.


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