Tag: places


  • Khtaria

    country, seems to be the origin of recent attacks on [[Okmar]] its capital is [[Bedrock]]

  • Nentir

    country, mostly agricultural, rich history, contains Nentir vale its capital is [[Falcrest]]

  • Okmar

    capital: [[Kingston]] led by [[king Quoben]] and [[lady Rose]] under attack from [[Khtaria]]

  • Kingston

    Capital of [[Okmar]]. Connected by road to Draetorn and the seaport of Northaven h3. places The royal palace, where [[king Quoben]], king of Okmar and [[lady Rose]] reside. The university, lead by [[Karl]] Temples of Ioun, Corellon and the Raven …

  • Fallcrest

    capital of [[Nentir]]. Has a great temple to Pelor and smaller ones to Avandra and other gods. There's an inn with a bad reputation, where a lot of fighting takes place